• dot-com€ 9.90
  • dot-net€ 9.90
  • dot-org€ 11.50
  • dot-online€ 12.50

Budget VPSHosting


With a low budget FinalHosting has a place for you. We offer you a VPS for a low price from € 2,- per month.

  • Control panel
  • SSD storage
  • 50Mbit network


You can up and downgrade your VPS whenever you want. If you want more power then you can even upgrade to an enterprise package.

The strenght from our technology

YourVM control panel

All our VPS servers are managed in our own control panel, which we call YourVM, because we use our own technology, we can tailor everything to our own wishes

  • Stop, start, reinstall, its all posible in our panel.
  • Up- en downgrade your VPS whenever you want.
  • Use for free NoVNC. Very handy if you don't set your firewall properly!
  • Each VPS includes one free backup. You can create and restore it with one touch of a button

All VPS servers are automatically delivered and installed within 5 minutes

Our budget package

  • Budget VPS Starter

    • 1024 MB RAM
    • 1 CPU core
    • 20 GB SSD storage
    • 25 GB bandwidth
    • 25 Mbit uplink
    VPS B-1

    € 0.83/month

    € 1,- Incl. BTW

  • Budget VPS B-1

    • 1024 MB RAM
    • 1 CPU core
    • 20 GB SSD storage
    • 100 GB bandwidth
    VPS B-1

    € 1,65/month

    € 2,- Incl. BTW

  • Bugdet VPS B-3

    • 4096 MB RAM
    • 2 CPU cores
    • 80 GB SSD storage
    • 500 GB bandwidth
    VPS B-3

    € 6,61/month

    € 8,- Incl. BTW

  • Bugdet VPS B-3

    • 8192 MB RAM
    • 4 CPU cores
    • 160 GB SSD storage
    • 1000 GB bandwidth
    VPS B-4

    € 13,22/month

    € 16,- Incl. BTW


Your questions, our answers

What is a VPS?

A VPS is a virtual server, a payable and scalable alternative for a dedicated server.

How fast can I recieve my VPS?

After payment, your VPS will be delivered immediately and automatically installed. After that, you can use your VPS directly

How much IPv4 addresses can I add to my VPS?

You can add up to 16 IPv4 addresses to a VPS. A VPS had standard 1 IPv4 address included. Do you want to upgrade later? This can be done directly from our panel.

Am I stuck to a contract?

No, you're not stuck to anything. You can terminate the VPS whenever you want.

What's the location where the VPS's are hosted?

Our servers are hosted from the SmartDC datacenter in Rotterdam, Netherlands. More information can be found on the following website: SmartDC.

Could my VPS be managed by you?

This is definitely possible! With the Managed option, we manage your VPS and keep everything up-to-date. Contact us first to manage your VPS.